"True success in life is knowing the will of God for your life and getting right in the center of it."

–  Angela, Vision Coach

Meet Your Vision Coach

Coaching isn’t just a business for me, it’s my calling. Being vision driven is my “sauce” and I’m on a mission to bring you in alignment with God’s vision for you.


I’m here to empower, guide, and equip you to carry out God’s vision in your life uniquely – the way God has placed it inside of YOU.

When we recognize how important we are in the lives of others and to the Kingdom of God, we become fulfilled in purpose. This fulfillment will change not only your life but the lives of those waiting for what God has placed inside of you.

Every challenge I’ve faced led me to the “BOSS” I am today. I’ve learned to put Grace before the grind; to keep Christ centered in all I do and remember I am empowered by God. Anointed to prosper and Vision driven. Simply, about my Father’s Business.

Don’t get me wrong, the fear and uncertainties of purpose and vision are not strange concepts to me. I questioned my calling for years, all the while unknowingly walking in purpose on the job,  as a leader in ministry, starting a non-profit, and in business. I checked all the boxes that I was “told” would lead me to what God has placed in my heart but still felt there was something missing.

I’ve been that lost believer wandering aimlessly when God had already given me the vision; not knowing the next steps and not confident in the direction I was taking. I’ve been the frustrated employee climbing the ladder of outlined success yet still unfulfilled. I’ve been the spouse holding up my end while raising children and trying to make ends meet. Things seemed like there was NO WAY I could or would ever see the vision God had given me… BUT GOD.

Despite failed relationships and even having to walk away from an unhealthy engagement, I am now over a decade into a Godly marriage. Despite multiple unfavorable doctor’s reports, I birthed and we are raising 3 healthy young men. And despite me walking away from a career at the top of my game at God’s Word, God has remained true to His Word and Vision keeps producing.

It is amazing to me as I look back over the many obstacles God has brought me through and how His Word and His promises still stand! How even the FIRE of life helped refine me for vision and launched me into my NEXT.

Are you ready for vision?

Coach Q&A

I know we don’t know much about each other…
so here are a few of my favorite things

Favorite Verse

Proverbs 3:5-6

Listening to

Psalmist Raine


“Eat, Sleep, Prophesy, Repeat”
by Tomi Arayomi

Favorite Snack

Chocolate Turtles

Your Trademark Phrase

“Stop doing what you HAVE to do and start doing what you were CREATED to do!”

Next Bucket List Item

Vacation in Dubai

If you've made it this far, you deserve a gift.

You've learned a little about my journey, allow me to help you with yours!
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