“I’ve been wanting to do a Networking event FOR YEARS!! I met my coach via Facebook and within the same year, my networking event happened! All I have to say, get connected with people that WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN! Remember, many people can make it happen, but there are not too many that actually will.  Sometimes your help is outside of the people you see every day. I never would have thought my help would be in Arkansas! She has connected with me internally! I trust her with any of my personal information, she’s like my hands and my feet!  The best choice I ever made was to trust her, I told God what I wanted, and He gave me what I needed.  Angela Gant, the vision was born… I’m at a loss for words… I’m forever grateful! “


“In meeting with Angela Gant, I found her to be thorough, professional, sincere, and purpose-driven.  I left the call with a clear mind, knowing what ‘Refine Vision’ has to offer: clarity, direction, strategy, tools & resources, prayer, and accountability.   Refine Vision will provide the necessary tools I need for my next level.


“There is not enough space, time, or resources available for me to express just what Refine Vision has meant to me.  Taking my raw, unrefined vision and breathing life into it has been nothing short of a miracle.  I was strategically prepared with great business savvy; Refine Vision also ensured that, as a person, I was properly equipped.  This company has far exceeded all of my expectations and I will definitely be using them again in the near future.”      ~ Minister Seymond Perry

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“I knew what God had placed on my heart to do and what me and my team needed but I did not know where to begin!  It was a challenge finding someone I could trust with my proprietary strategy who could develop what I needed.  Angela not only brought clarity and direction, she developed a unique system that keeps me and my team winning every week!  Not only that… She helped me launch my coaching program and I made $50k in my first two weeks.  Her spirit-led guidance and skills are unmatched.” 
~ Dr. Tonya Kirkpatrick

"Working with Coach Angela has been a game-changer!

She not only helped me gain clarity and direction to launch out on my own but her and her team have given me the tools, the tech, and the insight I needed to actually DO the work and see my vision through."

Pastor Kathy
Entrepreneur and Ministry Leader
"There's so much I can say about my experience with Coach Angela but I can sum it up in one!
Using her strategies, I was able to make 5-figures in 2 weeks! She saved my life, my marriage, and my business. She has helped be stay focused and streamlined my processes to accelerate my vision. I'm so grateful to for this Divine connection."

Dr. Tonya
Entrepreneur and Ministry Leader
"I spent a weekend 1-on-1 with Coach Angela and it changed my life spiritually and financially.

I came with lots of questions and left with so much clarity. She and her team also helped me manage my multi-million dollar project as well as provide oversight to completion. Words cannot express how thankful I am for the guidance and tools I have been blessed to receive.

Believer and Investor
Someone is to do what God created you to do!

we'll help you Make faith moves with confidence even if you don't know where to start.

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